Josh Duhamel surprises Fergie on the eve of one-year anniversary with a wedding vow renewal ceremony

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Radaronline reports that Josh Duhamel and Fergie renewed their wedding vows in a private ceremony at a lavish Santa Barbara hotel. Josh surprised Fergie, and she was emotional throughout.

It’s only been a year of marriage for Fergie and Josh Duhamel, but it’s been a doozy. Gossip blogs have been speculating that the pair would split-up ever since they got hitched on January 10, 2009. Everyone seems to hate on Fergie because they don’t think she’s cute, but they think Josh is. It’s like that feeling 14-year-old girls get when a girl who doesn’t fit certain beauty standards starts dating their crush. They cry into their teddy bears wailing “But I’m so much PRETTIER (smarter/nicer/cooler/have better taste in music, etc) than HER!,” slash the girl’s picture, and then makeout with a Robert Pattinson poster. We’ve all been there.

Maybe I’ve just got a soft spot for Fergie because I sometimes I secretly listen to “Fergalicious” on loop, and I’ve been enjoying the Black Eyed Peas CD The E.N.D. more and more, but I think she is attractive (exhibit A, exhibit B). If you’re upset because she doesn’t look like Angelina Jolie, then go cry into your St. John ad.

It’s true, they’ve both had their issues since being married, Josh maybe/almost/not really/probably had relations with a Georgia stripper, and Fergie learned from her therapist that if she acted on her attraction to women, she could hurt Josh. No matter what the press or gossip blogs (like us!) think or report, what’s  important is if these two are open and honest to each other. If mistakes were made, maybe they’ll start 2010 with a renewed commitment and wisdom from lessons learned. If things don’t go so well and 14 Atlanta strippers fall out of the woodwork, maybe they should part ways.

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