VIDEO Kenya Moore invents sextape marketing to sell book (SFW)

Kenya Moore sextape photo

Entire careers have been built or at least exponentially advanced thanks to the magic of low-quality, home-made nookie videos (See Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian) and though I wouldn’t put it past either of those ladies to have allowed their transgressional recordings to be made public on purpose, Kenya Moore gets the credit because she’s the first to obviously do it on purpose.

To promote her book Game: Get Some! What Women Really Want (published back in 2007) Kenya released this “sex tape” on her web site

(Actually, I think that website is part of the spoof campaign as well – thus the misspelling. – with the the extra “o” – is her legitimate site.)

In the book Kenya offers up her advice on how a man cat get the woman of his dreams by unlocking the secrets of what women want. The bok is set up in playbook fashion and features advice on every aspect of a relationship from dating to pleasing a woman in bed to the right way to break up. The advice is soooooooo good it helped this guy score with Kenya (according to the video.)

So what credentials does Moore have to be offering p this advice? She was crowned Miss USA in 1993 and has since had a successful modeling and acting career that has included such films as Deliver Us From Eva, Waiting to Exhale, and Trois. In other words, she’s very attractive and smart enough to realize making a fake sextape is a great way to sell a book to men. Good enough for me!

Help support sex tape marketing by hopping on over to amazon and buying your copy today! Here’s the book cover and the table of contents:

Kenya Moore Game, Get Some! Whate Women Really Want book cover

Kenya Moore's Game, Get Some! What Women Really Want contents page

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