Will there be a season two of Netflix Dubai Bling?

Fans of the hit Netflix series Dubai Bling have been begging for a second season since the show premiered in 2022.

We finally have the answer as to if it is returning!

Dubai Bling

Dubai Bling is a popular series on Netflix that debuted in October 2022.

The show follows a group of wealthy friends (and acquaintances) who are currently living in the United Arab Emirates.

The series is produced multilingually, featuring both the native languages of their countries, as well as English.

The Dubai Bling cast is made up of natives from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kuwait and Iraq… as well as a few expatriates who now call Dubai ‘home.’

Is Dubai Bling getting a season two?

Announced yesterday, we are excited to share that Dubai Bling is getting a second season.

While there aren’t any hard details available about when it will air, if you follow the stars on Instagram it looks like they are eager to keep us posted.

Updates on the Dubai Bling cast

Since wrapping season one, the adorable Safa Siddiqui has given birth to her second child, a storyline promised to be featured in season two.

Zeina Khoury has taken her popular phrase “I am the company,” and turned it into a full-fledged fashion line.

Her collection, I am the Company, dropped earlier this month and focuses on her beloved, signature power suit.

The brand recently had a launch party that included several cast members showing their support. While we don’t know for sure if cameras captured the event, we can guess it’s pretty safe to say we’ll be hearing about it in season two.

Kris Fade, who married girlfriend Briana during the season finale last year, is up to his usual hustle… promoting everything from Jeep to female tennis.

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