DUBAI BLING Safa Siddiqui welcomes daughter after surrogacy drama

Congratulations are in order for Dubai Bling‘s Safa Siddiqui!

The Netflix star has given birth to her second daughter after a challenging journey documented in season one.

Who is Safa Siddiqui?

Safa Siddiqui is one of the cast members on Netflix Dubai Bling, a reality series which follows young, wealthy socialites living in Dubai.

Safa is a British-Iraqi social media star who introduced us to her family in season one. Safa’s husband, Fahad Siddiqui is an Indian businessman whose net worth is estimated at approximately $4M.

The couple got married in 2019 in a lavish traditional Indian wedding that included several costume changes for both of them.

Safa and Fahad Siddiqui in their traditional Indian wedding attire.

One of Safa and Fahad’s many wedding looks included a Western style white gown and tuxedo.

Safa and Fahad’s first child

During season one of Dubai Bling you learn that Safa had an “awful” first pregnancy with their daughter Alina.

Alina, born in 2020, is featured alongside her parents on the Netflix reality show.

Fahad, Safa and Alina Siddiqui

Safa expresses that she wants to explore using a surrogacy as an option for baby number two, an announcement she makes during the series – much to the surprise of Fahad.

Safa’s surragacy drama

In season one of Dubai Bling we learn that Safa gained nearly 50 lbs. when pregnant and feels strongly about not going through that again, even though Fahad wants more children.

Surrogacy seems like a great option, but Siddiqui unfortunately receives a lot of backlash.

In the Middle East, including Fahad’s native India and in the UAE where they reside, surrogacy is looked down upon and in some places illegal. explains: It is considered unanimously forbidden in Islam and thus Arab countries do not allow it. Muslim scholars and clerics view surrogacy as akin to “zina” or adultery, since the surrogate is carrying the baby of someone who is not her husband.


Did I❓❓❓❓❓❓ 1️⃣pretend to be pregnant to get fahads real reaction? 2️⃣go for surrogacy? 3️⃣get pregnant?

♬ I Need A Doctor – Dr. Dre

As fellow cast member Lojain Omran explains on the show, the negativity surrounding the concept of “renting a womb” comes from a culture that believes Allah blesses you with the children you are meant to have.

She even takes it one step further condoning epidurals that take away the suffering aspect of delivery.

Safa is frustrated and upset around the reception of this topic from both her husband and her friends.

Safa’s surprise announcement

Despite her fears, Siddiqui makes an amazing announcement at the end of season one. The Dubai Bling star is pregnant with baby number 2!

Looks like everything went fairly smooth this time around, because Safa Siddiqui is sharing all the love on Instagram.

Referred to as “Baby Bling,” the mother of two shared lots of posts following her birth.

Congratulations to the Siddiqui family on the birth of baby number 2!

Will Safa get pregnant with baby number 3, use surrogacy, or leave her family at the perfect number of 4? We’ll have to tune in to Dubai Bling to find out!

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