Wife busts husband for secretly videotaping her mother in bathroom

Mug Shot Jason Good

The say Virginia is for lovers. This may very well be a fact but after this story it may not be the place for mothers of lovers!

The man in the mug shot you see above is Mr. Jason Good from Laurel, Virginia and the disenchanted and lost look about his countenance somehow manages to reflect the crime he is guilty of committing. On Sunday Good’s wife was doing what wife’s do, rummaging through his cell phone when she came across a disturbing video.

What she uncovered was what appeared to be an amateur video of an older woman using the restroom. But this wasn’t just any restroom, it was their restroom and this wasn’t just any older woman, it was the dude’s 57-year-old mother-in-law!

Once Mrs. good became Mrs. good and pissed off she did not attempt to discuss this with her hubby but instead called the cops on his backside. When the authorities arrived she led them to a hole in the wall between the garage and the bathroom. This was enough for the police to ask Good a few questions and shortly thereafter they arrested him.

He has officially been charged with a class 1 misdemeanor of filming / videotaping an undressed person. Unofficially I charge our man with being the worst son-in-law ever. Can you imagine being his wife and discovering that? Some things just can’t be unseen my friends.

Via The Smoking Gun

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