PHOTOS Soon-to-be Mrs. Mayer? Katy Perry’s all smiles as she holds up jeweled left hand

Are Katy Perry and John Mayer Engaged - Katy Perry Engagement Ring

After debuting the video for “Who You Love,” Katy Perry slipped a huge dazzler back on her left ring finger before exiting the Good Morning America studio. As John Mayer trailed, Katy made absolutely no attempt to conceal the bling.

This would be as good as an engagement confirmation in most cases. However, Katy sparked similar rumors before by wearing jewelry on her left ring finger. Most notably was the ruby she sported during a Valentine’s Day date with John. She also wore a diamond ring to November’s EMAs. At that time, her representative told Us Weekly it wasn’t an engagement token. Rather, “It was just a ring that went with the outfit.”

This time, Katy seemed less concerned with how the ring paired with her outfit. In fact, she took it off before going on GMA with John, her on-again/off-again boyfriend of more than one year.

Katy Perry GMA Without Ring

During the interview, Katy explained the mechanical bull used in the music video is a metaphor for love.

“Relationships are kind of like riding a bull,” she said. “You hang on for dear life and sometimes you get a little buck here and there and sometimes you get things thrown at you but you get back on.”

John also spoke about what the video meant to him on a more practical level.

“That’s the thing about working with somebody you love. You get to see them. I had to [make] a video in order to get to see my girlfriend.”

Although Katy took off the ring for the show and John was careful to emphasize she was still his “girlfriend,” they both have to know a celebrity woman can’t go parading through New York City with a big ring on her left hand without people figuring there’s been an official proposal…

Katy Perry Engagement Ring from John Mayer

We’ve got to ask: Do you think John Mayer and Katy Perry are engaged?

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