Watch Online MTV’s “Teen Mom” complete episode 1 “Looking for Love”

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham brings a boyfriend home to meet the parents

Watch the full premiere episode of MTV’s Teen Mom, the follow-up show to the popular 16 and Pregnant series. MTV picks up the storylines of Amber, Catelynne, Maci and Farrah as they deal with trying to raise a child at the age of 17. Actually, Catelynne and Tyler put their child up for adoption so their storyline is their struggle with that decision and having to deal with their infant-like parents.

**Episode will return Friday, January 8th.**

Teen Mom – MTV Shows

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Here are links to the other episodes, but note that MTV can be pretty sporadic about putting up videos and taking them down:

Teen Mom Episode 2 “How Many Chances?
Teen Mom Episode 3 “Fallout
Teen Mom Episode 4 “Moving On
Teen Mom Episode 5 “A Little Help

Here are some highlight clips:

Meet The Parents
Farrah brings a boy home to meet her parents and baby Sophia:

Teen Mom – MTV Shows

Doctor’s Orders
Amber sees a doctor about her anxiety/depression:

Teen Mom – MTV Shows

Another Baby
After seeing a doctor about birth control, Catelynn talks with Tyler about the possibility of another baby:

Marriage Prep
Maci and Ryan consider pre-marriage counseling.

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