Teen Mom’s Butch Baltierra on Farrah Abraham in ‘Butch Breaks It Down’ video

Butch Baltierra Farrah Abraham quote

Following in the footsteps of their hugely successful video series “Babs Breaks It Down” starring Jenelle Evans’ mom Barbara Evans ahffering up her insights on a vahriety of tahpics, MTV is recognizing another of its charismatic fan-favorite grandparents by introducing “Butch Breaks It Down,” starring Tyler Baltierra’s dad Butch Baltierra.

In the debut clip, Butch shares his opinions on Farrah Abraham’s plastic surgeries and her line of sex toys:

Here’s what Butch (aka White Snoop Dogg) had to say in the clip:


Well, Farrah I guess, when she first started, was a very pretty girl, but then she got all this stuff done to her and to me, personally, she kind of ruined it.

For her making sex noise, I mean toys, I think it’s a smart business move, which is, I mean, brilliant! I mean, people can think what they want, but as long as…your bank account keeps swelling up, I’m OK with it. She gives me some ideas!

If Farrah was my daughter, man I’d lay into her. You know, I made you! You’re going to go out there and get all [slinky?] like that for the whole world to see, and they’re going to look at me in all some kind of way, you know what I mean? But, in hindsight, I would have to tell her it was a good business move. But first, I would have to cuss her out.


The clip has many fans clamoring on Twitter for a Butch ‘n’ Babs spin-off series, so we thought we’d help the cause with a little promotional graphic to help MTV see the brilliance of the idea:

Butch and Babs Teen Mom spin off

And, in honor of Throwback Thursday, you might recall that Butch previously talked about Farrah’s sex tape on the show in a phone call from prison–one in which he jokingly suggested a collaboration with Babs. That was enough to inspire us to create this unfortunate image:

You can see LOTS more of Butch (he’s a free man ya’ll!) on new episodes of Teen Mom OG airing Monday nights at 10/9c on MTV.

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