Shia LaBeoufs drunken mayhem in Manhattan included chasing a homeless man


Sources told E Online that 28-year-old Shia LaBeouf wasn’t drinking last night when he was arrested for disrupting a Cabaret performance, but other sources say he was drinking alcohol and creating mayhem in the streets before the show.

Shia was downing margaritas at the Iguana Bar and watching the World Cup the afternoon before he caused trouble at the Broadway play featuring Alan Cumming and Michelle Williams. Prior to the show paparazzi also caught him chasing down a homeless man who didn’t know who he was in the streets of New York. Shia was trying to get the man’s hat, running at him through traffic, and yelling at him “It’s me, it’s Shia.”

He was charged with criminal trespass, harassment and disorderly conduct last night because he was slapping other patrons on the behind and the back of the heads, wouldn’t stop smoking, and jumped up and yelled at Alan Cumming. A witness at the musical told Gawker that he showed up intoxicated but “he seemed like a congenial drunk who was really excited to be at the show.” He sat down at a table with two strangers, and asked them to ‘watch my shit’ while he went to the bar. He came back with drinks for them in souvenir mugs, and when he asked them where they were from he exclaimed “You’re f****** kidding me!” When the show started he got really excited and raised his hands for each song, and at one point fell out of his chair. The witness was surprised that he got arrested for his behavior, because it just seemed like someone who was a little too drunk to her. The witness didn’t mention Shia slapping people, which was reported as a major reason for the arrest. Perhaps he did this when he was getting drinks.

The NYDN has a police insider telling them that Shia did not calm down after he was locked away. When he got to the police station he was unruly, telling an officer “F–k you. This is f–king bullshit. Do you know my life? Do you know who the f–k I am? Do you know who I am?” Officers reported that he smelled bad and lied about being in the military.

He was put in a mask because he wouldn’t stop pitting, and when he was in his cell he “smashed his head against the cell door and pounded his hands against the walls.”

He left the next morning after his arraignment looking worse for wear and carrying his shoelaces in a very public walk of shame.

Celebrities have dished out jokes about Shia’s antics via Twitter.

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