FLORIBAMA SHORE Aimee Hall charged with battery for bar fight over claim the show makes PCB look ‘ratchet’

Floribama Shore Aimee Hall

No season of an MTV “… Shore” show would be complete without a punch being thrown during a drunken bar fight, and it seems the second season of Floribama Shore has gotten that story line out of the way courtesy of Aimee Hall.

25-year-old Aimee was hard at “work” getting drunk at a Panama City Beach bar called Ms. Newby’s Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning when a young lady reportedly recognized her from the show and told Aimee that she thought Floribama Shore made PCB look “ratchet.”

There are two different accounts of what happened next.

The Panama City News Herald obtained a copy of the police report, which has both narratives — one from Aimee and her co-star Nilsa Anderson, and another from the alleged victim, a witness, and the head of security at the bar.

Aimee and Nilsa left the bar immediately after the altercation, but police pulled over the gray van they were in and got their accounts of what happened. According to both women, the alleged victim “bucked” at Aimee and “stated Aimee, who is part of the TV show ‘Flora Bama,’ was making ‘PCB ratchet.’” Aimee then took a page out of her fellow MTV reality star Jenelle Eason’s playbook by employing the “cup of water” defense. “Aimee said the two continued to argue when she (Aimee) threw a cup of water on the female, then left.”

I assume that neither Aimee nor Nilsa were driving the van.

Meanwhile, the alleged victim had a slightly different version of what took place.

The officer on the scene noted that the woman “appeared to have been crying and stated her nose hurt” before moving on to the details of her account. “(She) stated she told Aimee she was making ‘PCB ratchet.’ The two argued for a short time where Aimee began to walk away.”

Then, things allegedly got really violent really quick! “Within seconds Aimee turned and punched her in the face” with an attack that was “from ‘left field’ and she was not expecting it.” The woman’s friend confirmed her version of the story.

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At this point, the police officer was staring at a deadlock as far as accounts of what actually happened. Thankfully, the bar’s head of security stepped in with a tie breaker by telling police that “he did not know what started the argument, but observed the female, whom he identified as Aimee, reach around (a man) and strike (the victim) in the face.”

That was enough for police to charge Aimee with misdemeanor battery. Aimee managed to avoid the booking camera and mug shot photo as she was merely issued a notice to appear with a court date scheduled for June 15.

Also backing up the claims that a punch was thrown, a source for The Ashley’s Reality Roundup states that the alleged victim “is super tiny and never saw it coming.” In addition, WMBB (via WFLA.com) reports that “the victim has confirmed her nose is broken.” (I could find no other confirmation of a broken nose.)

The officer was diligent in his report and made sure to include what was obvious: “It should be noted that all involved parties (except for the security) appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.”

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Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm.

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