FLORIBAMA SHORE Kortni Gilson files protective order against boyfriend Logan, who has quite the arrest history

Floribama Shore Kortni's boyfriend Logan arrests

In the Season 2 premiere of MTV’s Floribama Shore, viewers got to meet Kortni Gilson’s new boyfriend Logan as he angrily watched Kortni get Panama Cit-faced drunk at a club before being carried out to a cab by her cast mates. “Kortni, chill the f**k out!” Logan told Kortni, who was laying in her seat with her feet above her head being spanked by Kirk. “You’re my girl! Stop actin’ a fool!” Logan demanded, before storming off back to the club.

Here’s the scene:

The angry outburst from Logan was apparently a sign of things to come as we can exclusively reveal that Kortni filed for a protective order against violence and stalking from Logan on April 23!

We were unable to obtain the initial protective order filing by Kortni, so it is unclear what Logan did specifically to warrant protection. However, on the same date as her filing, Logan was cited for disorderly conduct after yelling obscenities and flipping the bird to patrons at a restaurant in the middle of the afternoon!

According to the police report, the incident occurred at Diego’s Bar and Grill just before 3 PM. From the responding officer:

Upon arrival, I observed the defendant standing in the roadway doing inappropriate hand gestures (shotting [sic] the bird) to the restaurant staff. The defendant proceeded to yell “f**k you” loudly towards the staff. During this, the restaurant was open for business. It should be noted that this incident occurred across the street from 2533 Thomas Dr. (Winn Dixie). During this, numerous individual [sic] to include children were in the far west portion of the parking lot of Winn Dixie, along Thomas Dr., advertising with a radio station. The individuals were approximately 75 yards away and could hear the subject.

Logan pleaded no contest to the charges.

It seems the protective order filing was not much of a deterrent for Logan as he was charged with violating a protective order on May 18 after he was seen “riding his skateboard in front of the residence of the victim.” Half an hour later he “illegally entered Club La Vela where the victim was located.”

The police report states that 22-year-old Logan “ran up to the victims…and took off running once he noticed the victim was on the phone with 911.” You will notice that it states “victims.” According to the report, it was Floribama Shore producer Sean Hogan who called 911 — so I assume that the MTV crew (and potentially the other cast members) were included in the protective order.

Court records indicate that there was a “final judgment against stalking violence until further order of the court” on May 3. That was prior to the May 18 incident at Club La Vela, but the order was not officially served and returned until May 21.

Floribama Shore Kortni stalker boyfriend Logan

Kortni is apparently not the first alleged victim of Logan’s unwanted attention, however. In October of 2016 he was arrested up the road from Panama City Beach in Dothan, Alabama and charged with harassing communications. Here is his mug shot photo from that arrest:

Floribama Shore Logan arrest

On his most recent cases, Logan lists Panama City as his home address, but he may have recently relocated from south Alabama because he has another arrest in Dothan from June of 2016 in which he was charged with felony first-degree theft of property, and yet another from July of last year for disorderly conduct. Here’s his mug shot photo from the 2017 arrest:

Floribama Shore Kortni's boyfriend Logan arrest in 2017

Unfortunately for Kortni, it appears that the effects of her Prince Charming beer goggles will last at least another episode as she expresses her fondness for Logan in a scene from tomorrow night’s episode. “Logan makes me so happy because he’s such a genuine person,” Kortni says. “He just treats me so good. Like, some guy called me a s|ut. He knocked that mother f**ker out! I believe he could be the one.”

Nope, definitely not the one.

To see how Kortni and Logan’s relationship ends, and to see all the other CUH-RAYZAY drama with her co-stars (including Aimee Hall being charged with battery after allegedly punching a woman in the face at a bar), be sure to tune in to new episodes of Floribama Shore airing Monday nights at 10/9c on MTV!

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