Wanted man arrested after posting Ice Bucket Challenge video


An ex-con from Omaha, Nebraska has some cold as ice advice for everybody. If you’re trying to keep a low profile because you’re wanted for violating parole it’s probably a bad idea to post a video of yourself doing the Ice Bucket Challenge.

20-year-old JeSean Morris accepted the viral challenge and posted his video to Facebook. Someone who watched the video knew that Morris was wanted by the authorities so they contacted the police and tipped them off on his whereabouts based on the footage.

Police followed up and during surveillance of the property Morris was spotted being driven away from the home. The car in question was later stopped by police, at which time Morris was arrested. Making matters worse for himself, JeSean was also cited for allegedly spitting on one of the officers and damaging a patrol car.

At the age of 16 Morris was sentenced as an adult to 6 years in prison on 2 felony convictions for his involvement in a shoot out that left 2 men wounded. He was released in March on “discretionary parole,” according to records obtained by TSG.

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