Daycare owner takes shovel to face to protect kids from reportedly drunk father


A Montana daycare owner went above and beyond the call of duty in protecting children under her care last week.

Martha McClure was supervising three siblings, all under the age of four, when their father showed up at the facility with an unidentified woman. According to an AP report, McClure was already aware that the father, 31-year-old Francis Joseph Jackson, had his parental right suspended and that Child Protective Services were the legal custodians.

Via the AP:

McClure reported she could smell alcohol on Jackson, that he was angry she wouldn’t let him pick up his children, and that he threatened to assault her in front of the kids at Martha’s Mini Daycare, court records said.

She was able to physically remove Jackson from the daycare center and lock the door…

McClure went outside, where she and Jackson fought until a woman hit McClure in the face with a snow shovel. Jackson then hit McClure in the face, knocking her down, court records said. The suspects fled without the children.

McClure was admitted to an area hospital and is reported to have undergone eye surgery stemming from the injuries she incurred.

The cops have since arrested Jackson and charged him with aggravated burglary. The female friend has yet to be identified.

HT: Gawker / Photo: GoFundMe

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