VIRAL VIDEO Soundcloud rapper Donnie Waters’ riveting squirrel thief commentary ? ?

Donnie Waters is a Soundcloud rapper who scored a viral social media hit a few days ago, but it wasn’t for his music. Instead, his riveting footage and commentary of a squirrel stealing multiple protein bars from an outdoor cafe on Twitter.

So far the video clip compilation has gotten hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets so his mom told him to upload it to YouTube, where it hasn’t quite gone viral yet. The story starts out with a shot of the squirrel absconding with a protein bar and Waters saying “oooh, little homie’s a thief!” Soon, the squirrel is back staking out his next crime.

As Waters continues his conspiratorial play-by-play the squirrel manages to knock over the entire box of bars. It scares him briefly, but he goes back in to grab one last bar and run away. “You’re a sick man,” Waters says as the squirrel makes his getaway.

Waters continued the story on Twitter, joking that he found the rodent’s mug shot.

Check out Donnie Waters’ music on Soundcloud. It’s pretty tight.