Viral video revisited: The Man With the Golden Voice

It’s been a year since Ted Williams was caught on camera by a Columbus reporter and proceeded to explode these here interwebs with his incredible voice.

Just in case you forgot, or just want to watch for the 1,000th time, here is The Man With the Golden Voice in the original footage that turned his down spiraling life around. Don’t let that mere million plus views fool you. The clip first posted by The Columbus Dispatch was well on its way to 20 million views when they realized, “Hey we could make money off of this,” and now you have to watch it in a “skip this ad” format:

Entertainment Tonight caught up with Ted and he’s currently sober, employed and living with his girlfriend. He’s also got a book coming out called “A Golden Voice: Ted Williams: How Faith, Hard Work, and Humility Brought Me from the Streets to Salvation.” Here is the video with Ted one year later.

Look what the internet can do! Ted stated:

“A year ago today I was living in tents under bridges, smoking crack, doing the wild thing. But this is where I live. I’ve got a fireplace, I can get buck-naked by the fireplace.”

Seriously, it’s good to see Ted sober after a couple of failed attempts at rehab. After fame enveloped him his skeletons started coming out and it was obvious he was certainly at rock bottom. I hope he keeps it up and a year from now I can tell you about a Golden Voiced baby perhaps.

Here’s the cover for Ted’s forthcoming book:

Ted Williams book A Golden Voice

You can pre-order a copy for yourself here.

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