VIDEO Lady Gaga’s Jo Calderone lights Adele’s cigarette at the 2011 VMAs

Audience cam catches Lady Gaga's Jo Calderone lighting a cigarette for Adele at 2011 VMAs

Watching Lady Gaga’s masculine alter ego Jo Calderone on the VMAs this weekend was a bit like watching a current day Ralph Macchio starring in an off-Broadway stage production of Grease, which for some people is a pretty good thing – just not me. (Perhaps LG should consider reprising Macchio’s famous swan-kicking hero in a film called The Gagarate Kid?)

Although I don’t know that I can pick out a highlight from Jo Calderone’s on stage antics (aside from his undeniable talent during the performance of “You and I” – there’s no denying that dude can play and sing!), I did just run across what could very well be the iconic clip from the 2011 VMAs featuring Gaga in man drag offering a drag of another kind to fellow singing superstar Adele – all of which was caught on MTV’s audience cam!

Who says chivalry is dead?!? Calderone even lit Adele’s cigarette for her! Lady Gaga is such a gentleman. Oh, and I love the stoic (frightened?) Tony Bennett looking completely out of his element with his hands nervously on his knees. Damn – didn’t they give that man an extra ticket so he could have someone to talk to that wasn’t dressed as the opposite sex or wearing a cube on their head?!?

The clip is also exceptional given that a rep for the Nokia Theater had an usher ask Kid Cudie to put his cigarette out after he was spotted puffing away only a few seats away from Gaga.

Just in case that Youtube vid gets taken down, here is an official montage of behind-the-scenes highlights from MTV that includes the Adele cigarette lighting – just fast forward to the 46 second mark:

**** I did it! I wrote that entire post without using the British term for cigarettes! My editor will be so proud 🙂

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