PHOTOS Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s Twitter hacked

Twitter hacked graphic photo

Farrah Abraham is no stranger to controversial tweets, but imagine my surprise when I checked my Twitter feed earlier this evening and read this little 140 characters or less message from @F1Abraham: “The album I made sucks ass. I dont know what I was thinking. Thank God I autotuned it otherwise it would have been even more of a disaster.”

So it appears that Farrah either just finished her advance copy of Brandi Glanville’s as-yet-unpublished guide to Twitter remorse titled Drinking and Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders, or else her account was hacked. Judging from this deleted tweet from early in the barrage, it appears to be the latter:

“I am being hacked because I am the most coldhearted b*tch in the world. I have no feelings towards anyone,& I am boss b*tch status. FWM”

A number of the early tweets were soon deleted, most of which contained derogatory comments about Farrah personally as well as her parenting skills. The hacker even posted a nude photo of a young woman engaged in sexual activity and claimed it was Farrah, although the photo was zoomed in and could have been just about any young, thin and tan female.

Eventually the tweets toned down a bit and the hacker (or whomever) no longer deleted them immediately after posting. Here are the remaining Farrah Abraham hacked tweets:

Screen caps of Teen Mom Farrah Abraham's hacked tweets

So far there has been no official word from Farrah’s camp, other than a brief message on her Facebook fan page (not from Farrah) that read, “Farrah’s Twitter account has been hacked! Please disregard the rude and ignorant tweets that the hacker is posting -Admins” Even if she can no longer access her Twitter account, Farrah has both her own website as well as a Youtube channel which she can (and probably will) use to make some sort of announcement about the tweets.

UPDATE – Farrah just tweeted, “Hey Everyone! Hacker Control is happening, sad when people act out in disgusting ways but that is life and I’m better then that! Thanks fans,” so apparently things will be cleaned up soon!

Does anyone know what the legal ramifications are for “hacking” someone’s social media account? Does it technically count as some sort of identity theft?

* On a side note, I have a new favorite post graphic! I call it the Farrah Abrahamburglar.

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