VIDEOS Sergio Ramos drops Copa del Ray cup in front of a bus, trophy crushing ensues

Real Madrid soccer player Sergio Ramos drops the Copa del Rey Cup which then gets run over by by a bus

In a scene right out of a Will Ferrell movie, Real Madrid soccer player Sergio Ramos was hoisting his team’s trophy for winning the Spanish football equivalent of the World Series when the Copa del Rey cup slipped from his hands and fell to the ground in front of the bus the team was riding on and was then run over. As you would expect, the epic boobery was caught on camera and has since made its way to youtube in numerous incarnations.

Here are the three best videos I could find:

Those silly Spaniards, don’t they know you’re supposed to throw somebody under the bus? The cup looked a little like the NHL’s Stanley Cup, which would have been an awesome bus victim because from then on it would simply be called Flat Stanley!

In Sergio’s defense, he is a soccer player and shouldn’t be judged on how poorly he uses his hands.