VIDEOS: A day in the life of Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, butt tattoos and awkward stripping

Michell “Bombshell” McGee’s quest at stretching her Jesse James mistress 15 minutes of fame to at least 30 to 45 minutes has turned into the lowest common de”bomb”inator it appears.  In a previous post we told you how the Nazi garb wearing, Jesse James loving, tattoo sporting McGee was selling Sneek-A-Peeks for $9.95 via her website.  Well now she is putting up free teasers via YouTube which can’t be a good sign for ol’ M.B.McGee.

In our first YouTube teaser we have McGee engaging in her most favorite of pasttimes, getting butt tattoos.  There is no nudity in this clip but it is borderline NSFW (this goes for all three obviously):

If that little clip didn’t fanny the fires enough for you we move on to free YouTube someone please go to my website please promo clip #2. This is an out of focus job of McGee moving awkward and slowly in what I guess is supposed to be a sensual fashion. As a welcome she does give us all the Jersey State bird:

I’m not really sure what will come next for Michelle Bombshell McGee after going the YouTube route.  I hope she doesn’t start tweeting original paintings then you know it’s trouble time!