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On Sunday night, TLC will air a 90 Day Fiancé Season 2 catch up special to update fans on how some of the couples from the show’s super-popular sophomore season are doing since filming ending. Included in the update is the show’s most controversial couple, Danielle and Mohamed Jbali.

In addition to the TLC special, Danielle also spoke at length with Bring Me My Torch on Thursday (included in its entirety below). During the hour-long podcast, Danielle talked about EVERYTHING: from Mohamed’s numerous trips (including his current month-long stay in Tunisia); his alleged infidelity; their relationship status; Danielle’s infamous pregnancy announcement; Mohamed’s green card status; and the domestic dispute between Mohamed and Danielle’s son Corey that led to criminal domestic violence charges!

Before we get to the preview clips and the Bring Me Your Torch podcast, I feel I should point out that the cast members of the second season of 90 Day Fiancé were all under contracts that did not allow them to give interviews without TLC’s approval for a certain amount of time — I assume a year. Danielle’s gag order was lifted on October 1, which explains the timing of the podcast and why Danielle had not done an interview to explain her side earlier.

OK–I will lead things off with a 90 Day Fiancé Season 2 catch up special preview clip in which Danielle and Mohamed address whether or not they are intimate:

“Me and Mohamed are intimate,” Danielle says in the clip. “We kiss. We hug. But we do it in private.”

A rather grim Mohamed then says, “We are like every other married couple.”

During her podcast interview, Danielle is asked about the rumors that she and Mohamed sleep in different rooms. “My girls can testify that we don’t sleep in separate rooms,” Danielle says flatly. She laughingly adds that there may be times when they are fighting that they would sleep separately, but otherwise, “he sleeps in the bedroom.”

In this next preview clip, a rather somber Danielle explains that there are rumors on social media that Mohamed is sleeping with other women–rumors made more believable by the fact that Mohamed has made numerous trips, without Danielle, to places like New York City and Las Vegas. One woman even claims to be pregnant with Mohamed’s child! “A little part of me is believing that it’s not true,” Danielle says. “And then a part of me is believing it is true.”

Danielle addressed Mohamed’s trips, the infidelity rumors, and the pregnancy claim on the podcast. She is first asked about Mohamed’s multiple visits to New York City and his trip to Las Vegas.

“The first time he went to New York it was for a job interview,” Danielle explains. “The second time he went to see his friend, who lives in Canada, who came down to see him because where his friend lives is closer to New York. They hadn’t seen each other in, like, five years.”

And what about Sin City? “The third trip to Las Vegas, it was for his birthday celebration. His friend from Canada and his brother were going to go there to meet him.” So why didn’t Danielle go to join in the celebration of her husband’s birthday? “In the job that I do, and the place that I’m at right now, it’s kind of hard to give a last minute notice to request off,” Danielle says. “Especially when they’re short, it’s really hard.”

Mohamed Jbali in Las Vegas

As far as the infidelity rumors, Danielle reveals that those were a real struggle for her. “It was hard. Dealing with it, and trying to figure out what’s true and what’s not,” she says. “And I can say for one — the one about him getting someone pregnant — that one’s a lie. The lady would make up all kinds of stories. She would. I mean, she has told people she’s committed suicide, she was running her account, a fake account, and her husband —” Danielle is cut off and one of the hosts asks, “Is this somebody you guys knew at one point? Or just some random person online?”

“It was someone that Mohamed met online and thought she was nice,” Danielle reveals. “It turned out to be a different story.”

In the preview clip, Danielle looks very doubtful, and admits that she isn’t certain that the infidelity rumors are false. Was that accurate? Was she really questioning Mohamed’s commitment to her? “Yes, I was at that time because that was when it came out about the pregnancy rumor,” Danielle confesses. “But then, as time [went by], the lady has become even more crazy with her stories. Two weeks before our interview she contacted me and said that her friend, who supposedly works at immigration, gave her our case file and she knew what was in our case file. So, our case was going to turn out bad and Mohamed was going to be deported. And I know, just from working in the healthcare business, that the government would be like us, and if you give private information out of a client, you’re going to get fired or sued.”

So what is the status of Mohamed’s immigration? Did he get his green card? “He did get his green card,” Danielle says. “We went September 8th for interview…by Friday, we knew he was getting it. And then the following week he had it.” Danielle says that she brought in numerous affidavits from friends and family members, and that it was Mohamed who brought up the TV show “because people were trying to say they sent in a bunch of stuff and we were going to investigated for fraud.”

Danielle and Mohamed Jbali quote

Danielle also mentions that she was asked about her fake pregnancy announcement that made headlines back in February, a topic that also comes up on the podcast. “Were you doing that to kind of stir the pot and get the social media really amped up?” the host asks.

“It was in a way,” Danielle confesses, “but I did have some medical issues that where I did think I was pregnant. Because when I did got to the doctor, they did run a medical, the pregnancy test to make sure I wasn’t pregnant.”

“Do you think there will be another baby on the way any time soon?”

“Um, we’ve talked about it a little bit,” Danielle says. “The girls are wanting one. [laughs] We need to be a little more settled first.”

Speaking of being settled, what are Mohamed’s plan now that he has a green card? And are they doing any better financially? “Yes, we are doing better,” says Danielle. “I mean, there in the summer I had where my hours got cut, but my hours are back up now.” And what about Mohamed’s career plan? “When Mohamed gets back he’s going to be getting a truck driving job. He was going to try to get one before, but a lot of the companies wouldn’t hire him [because he was] going to be gone for a month.”

In case you didn’t know, Mohamed is currently back home in Tunisia for a month. He’s there for his brother’s wedding and has been sharing numerous photos on Facebook, like this one:

Mohamed Jbali and his brother in Tunisia 2015

The Tunisia photos already have folks on social media spreading more infidelity rumors, something Danielle is still struggling with. “It’s hard to deal with it,” Danielle says of the online negativity. “It is, because some people don’t know how bad it is. I’ve had people message me, send me naked pictures of men from their waist down, trying to say it’s Mohamed — just people being downright hateful.”

One of the Bring Me Your Torch hosts asks about the online drama: “Honestly, do you think you fed into it at all? Or do you kind of just stay out of it and it just kept coming after you?”

“I tried to stay out of it, but they just kept coming after me — after us — just making up all kinds of stuff. And you can only take so much, where you want to speak out against them.”

Danielle also opens up about the altercation between Mohamed and her son Corey that eventually led to Corey being found guilty of domestic violence in November. “It was more or less — me and Mohamed were fighting and Corey thought he heard Mohamed, like, hit me or something, but Mohamed had shut the door,” Danielle recalls of the incident. “Corey came in and was verbally yelling at Mohamed, saying cuss words, and Mohamed is not used to cuss words. Over where he’s at they don’t do that. And, so, the police got called and Mohamed didn’t press the charges, the state of Ohio did.”

What is Mohamed and Corey’s relationship like now? “They’re still around each other because we’ve had birthday parties, we went to Cedar Point a couple times, and they have put their differences aside to get along for me and the girls.”

“What’s the relationship with the girls now, too, and Mohamed? Is everybody just one big happy family?” Danielle is asked.

“Um, the girls and him still have their days,” Danielle says. “I mean, they’re teenagers, and they talk back at times. I mean, they even talk back to me sometimes. … So they have their days. It’s getting better than what it was in the beginning. They’re getting used to each other and all that.”

When asked if she would do 90 Day Fiancé again, knowing what she does now, Danielle’s answer was simple. “No.”

But she’s not completely removing herself from the show. When asked if she planned on tuning in to 90 Day Fiancé Season 3 when it premieres October 11, Danielle’s made a confession. “Yeah, I’m going to watch. [laughs] I’m interested to see the 58-year-old and 19-year-old.” (Click here to watch a preview clip and meet the new cast, including the couple with the large age gap.)

To wrap up the podcast interview, Danielle is asked if there was anything else she wants to say to the 90 Day Fiancé fans and/or the haters. “I want to say that, yes, me and Mohamed have had issues throughout this past year and a half, and now we are at a good place in our marriage where we’re working at it. Because there’s been people tell me I should divorce him and stuff like that. You don’t divorce someone after a year; you work through the issues.”

Here is the full Bring Me Your Torch podcast with Danielle Jbali:

The 90 Day Fiancé Season 2 catch up special airs Sunday, October 4 at 10/9c on TLC.

UPDATE – Danielle posted this lengthy statement on Facebook after the Where Are They Now special aired:

“I’m posting this to address all the rumors and concerns. I am addressing all of this once and for all.

“Mohamed and I have had problems in our marriage. Some of the problems Mohamed takes responsibilty for and some of it I take responsibilty for. I, espically have affected my relationship when I allowed the social media settings to be a place for me to vent and share things I should not have shared about our private life. 90Day Fiance is a reality show that in hindsight, we regret doing. Our relationship was in its infancy and we opened ourselves up to all of the negativity and crictisim. I am a sensitive person and I allowed to many people to affect me with their negative comments about my looks, intelligence and my marriage. I feel passionately about defending myself. I now realize that I should have ignored all of the social media drama. The update show on 90 Day Fiance was filmed in May 2015. Mohamed and I have made alot of progress since that time. We both have worked to unite our family. My daughters get along with Mohamed much better now and when we are at home out of sight from cameras we enjoy a normal family life. I have a great relationship with my son, Corey Mullins and his girlfriend Brandy. I am excited and look forward to being a grandmother very soon. The legal issues that happened between my son and Mohamed were sparked by a call to the police by Mohamed, but were compounded by the State of Ohio charging my son with Domestic Violence. Mohamed did not pursue these charges but the state did. Mohamed, Corey and myself have worked passed this as a family. The pregnancy rumors regarding a woman from New York, are just that rumors. They were spread by a very disturbed woman after my husband terminated his friendship with her. My extended family have not all been supportive of our marriage but I hope to work to unite us all again. Every relationship takes time cultiuate and grow. Mohamed and I are proud of the work that we have into our marriage and family relationships. We are still a work in progress and continue to grow in a positive direction.

“Mohamed and I do respect everyone’s opinions even if they are not inline with ours. We do not mind someone sharing their opinions with us even if they are in opposition to us. We can accept crictisim, however, anyone who continually attacks my looks, intelligence or marriage will be blocked from this site. Anyone who says anything inappropriate about our children will be immediately blocked and reported.

“We are trying to move forward in a positive way with our lives and want to use this site to share updates and photos with the public. Positive thoughts and comments are always welcomed and appreciated. We look forward to our journey ahead and will keep you all in the know as much as possible. Thank you all for your continued support of our family.”

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