Joe Giudice admits to forgery of Joe Mastropole and wife Teresa’s name on legal docs

The story behind how Joe and Teresa Giudice maintained their behemoth spending habits for so long without having obvious income streams behind it is unraveling like a sweater attacked by wildebeests.

But it’s looking like Teresa might be an innocent victim in all of this. While she was kept quiet with unlimited credit cards, Joe was secretly forging her name on a mortgages and other documents, and later, the infamous $11 million bankruptcy filing. He admitted to this nonsense yesterday at a court hearing, and Teresa admitted that she didn’t know about the bankruptcy when it was filed, even though it had her name on it, and was surprised to find out that the mortgage on a beach house was in her name. Joe later admitted that he forged her name on many legal documents without her knowledge.

But Joe’s forgery f**kery didn’t stop there. He was in court because of a lawsuit from his former business partner Joe Mastropole, who is claiming Joe forged his name on a mortgage document to pocket $1 million. He’s trying to recoup $260,000 that Joe owed him before the bankruptcy filing.

Teresa was heard outside of the courtroom yelling at Mastropole’s wife Monica Ciccone for spreading rumors about her, accusing her of “violating ethnics.”

Teresa had stood by her man during some pretty crazy financial times, but will she stick with him after admission of all those forgeries? Looks like “happy wife, happy life” backfired on Joe.