PHOTOS BIO Monica Spannbauer from The Bachelor 16 with Ben Flajnik

Dental consultant Monica Spannbauer from The Bachelor with Ben Flajnik

Meet Monica Spannbauer, one of twenty-five eligible bachelorettes competing for the heart of hunky wine maker Ben Flajnik on Season 16 of The Bachelor set to premiere January 2, 2012 on ABC.

Monica is following in the shoes of last season’s Bachelorette Ashley Hebert in that she lists her occupation as “dental consultant,” which isn’t exactly a dentist, but close enough! Actually, Monica is listed as Hygiene Editor for Contemporary Product Solutions, an online publication for dental stuff. Monica wrote an article for them titled “Spend some time ‘outside the mouth’” back in August. (Click the link to give it a read.)

Monica Spannbauer The Bachelor Season 16 with Ben Flajnik official photo

One interesting thing about Monica Spannbauer is that online records seem to indicate she was born Monica Ekberg and later changed her last name to Spannbauer. I’m not sure if she was married or what. (Anybody out there want to help me out on that one?)

The Ekberg family name theory is supported by the fact that her sister-in-law is named Rachel Ekberg. And speaking of Rachel Ekberg, she had lots of great things to say about Monica in an interview with

“The guy would have to be an idiot not to fall head-over-heels in love with Monica, because everyone does when they meet her,” Rachel Ekberg said.

Spannbauer, who graduated from Yuba City High School in 1996, attended Yuba College and then dental hygienist school in Las Vegas. She now lives in Utah but returns to Yuba City at least once a year to visit her family who all still live in the area.

“Monica has the biggest heart. She is the funniest person to be around and very warm and caring,” Ekberg said. “I can’t tell you one person who doesn’t think she’s the best.”

Monica is also the one rumored to be the first bisexual Bachelor contestant. She reportedly “makes a move” on Blakeley Shea.

Pro: Monica is all but guaranteed to have clean, healthy, and extremely white teeth!

Con: Could have some ex-husband baggage. (Or could it be that she has a tragic story similar to Emily Maynard?)

Heterosexual dude notes: What heterosexual dude doesn’t like a gal who’s into kissin’ gals?!? Sorry, but it’s true.

Monica Spannbauer The Bachelor 16 with Ben Flajnik

Monica Spannbauer

Age: 33

Occupation: Dental Consultant

Hometown: Yuba City, California (Currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah)

If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you bring with you and why?
Lip gloss – can’t go without it
Endless Supply of Pina Coladas
The love of my life

What is your favorite holiday and why?
St Patty’s Day – must be the Irish in me. Or the great beer, food, and fun gatherings.

What U.S. city is the most romantic to you and why?
San Antonio Texas – the river walk streets lined with lights and a canal following the walkways, great food, culture…Done!

Tattoo Count: 4

Location: Wrist, ankle/heel, stomach, back

Do you consider yourself romantic and why?
Total hopeless romantic. I prefer to be tough but it’s the sweet simple (romantic) gestures that get me.

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