Remains of boy missing for 10 years found in his mother’s car during routine traffic stop

Tonya Slaton Mug Shot



Virginia woman Tonya Slaton is charged with concealment of a dead body, and additional charges are likely after police discovered the remains of her son in the trunk of her car during a routine traffic stop.

Fox 59 reports Tonya, 44, was pulled over on June 6 for driving with expired tags. Upon discovering the car wasn’t registered, the trooper moved to impound the vehicle and began taking inventory. At that point, the trooper found a double-wrapped and sealed trash bag in the trunk that smelled of “rotting flesh.” Tonya then threw some clothes over the top of the bag and said it just contained more clothes.

Investigators have since determined the remains are those of Quincy Jamar Davis, Tonya’s son. He was never reported missing, but was last seen alive in 2004, when he was in seventh grade.


Quincy Jamar Davis



According to WTVR, the car where the remains were found is technically owned by Tonya’s ex-husband. His mom said Tonya refused to give it back during their divorce.

“They were looking for his Mustang during the divorce, but I told him to let it go. He found out what was going on when police from Virginia contacted him,” Bernice House, Tonya’s former mother-in-law said. “They contacted him because the car was in his name. That’s probably why she couldn’t get a tag because the car wasn’t in her name.”

Adding to the mystery, Bernice said Tonya used to deny the fact she has an older adult son. New court documents reveal Tonya classified herself as single with no family or kids. Virginia police confirmed she has another son, but didn’t elaborate on his whereabouts.

In 2007, Tonya was arrested for shooting through her boyfriend’s front door when he tried to break up with her. She allegedly told him “neither one of you are going to leave alive.” She served four years for that crime.

Virginia police said they believe Quincy’s death “was likely the result of some homicidal action.”

Tonya remains in jail without bail.

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