VIDEO – Will Ferrell’s new role on The Office: will DeAngelo Vickers fill Micheal Scott’s shoes?

Steve Carell’s Michael Scott is leaving the office to be with his true love Holly, but he’s leaving behind a major gap in comedy that will never be truly filled.

For a while, though, Will Ferrell is gonna try to take just a bit of the sting away with his textbook middle manager character DeAngelo Vickers. From the preview clips we’ve seen, Farrell’s character seems like the perfect stereotype of a “mid-level regional paper company manager.”

Just to get a taste of DeAngelo’s personality:

“A little bit about myself. I love the American Southwest, for starters. You may call them Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah; I call them heaven. I have a peanut allergy, it’s something I live with. It’s part of me. I’m as comfortable at a ball game as I am at the opera.”

If you’ve worked in the corporate world, you’ve met this guy at least once.