VIDEO, PHOTOS – Relive Jim and Pam’s first romantic kiss with NBC website


Some people are a little bored with the realistic love story between The Office’s Jim and Pam, known affectionately by their fans as “Jam,” but others, like the Starcasm team, have fallen in love with these two adorable everypeople.

Tonight’s new Office (January 21, 2010) is a clip show, which is kind of blah, but it does offer us the opportunity to reflect back on the simple pleasures of Jim and Pam’s love story, including their first explosive, bittersweet kiss. Click here to visit NBC’s website devoted to Jam and their love story.

Culled from the storyline in Ricky Gervais’s original British version of The Office, Jim and Pam started the show as star-crossed lovers. Pam, a receptionist and frustrated artist, was engaged to warehouse worker Roy. It was one of those relationships you get in through convenience and just get used to, but it was clear that her heart lay with her fellow office worker, Jim Halpert. Jam lovers relished every moment of their jokes and pranks and sweet flirting and died a little everytime Jim watched Pam kiss Roy. With a several plot twists that involved Jim moving away, and then coming back with someone else after Pam had broken their engagement,

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