Chrisley Knows Best Season 2 sneak peek


Chrisley Knows Best has all the makings of a successful reality TV show: crazy family high jinks, a boisterous standout character, and a bit (or a lot) of under the radar controversy including divorce drama, money troubles, and rumors of Todd being gay.

For season two, which premieres on Tuesday, October 14, Todd maintains his stance as the over protective patriarch while continuing to perfect his gift of delivering hilarious one liners:

“Don’t plan on doing anything with my daughter that you wouldn’t do with me.”

“Nanny will be riding shotgun to keep me from using a shot gun.”

“I better not catch y’all doing nothing or I’ll cut it off and put it in his pocket”

“You went in your bedroom looking like Heidi Klum, you came out looking like Amy Winehouse”

But Todd contends he doesn’t think he’s funny, “I don’t think that when I’m parenting and when I’m delivering this discipline or reprimanding one of my children, I don’t know that I’m finding humor in that. At that point I’m just pissed off.

Check out the out what Todd has to say about his sophomore season:

With the perfect blend of characters and one-liners, some are wondering just how real Chrisley Knows Best really is. One critic even compared the show to a scripted sitcom.

Still, Todd maintains he’s just living his life free from a script. “You know, there’s no script. We have a beautiful relationship with USA and they let us be who we are. People ask me all the time if I really threw Chase’s Mac into the pull and I did! That’s what the situation called for.”

Here’s a sneak peek at an episode from season two when Savannah goes on her first date.


Is Chrisley Knows Best scripted or is their family life just that entertaining?

Chrisley Knows Best premieres Tuesday, Oct. 14 at 10/9c on USA.

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