VIDEO – Watch Halle Berry’s Reveal fragrance commercial

Right now Oscar winner Halle Berry is almost rivaling Charlie Sheen for headlines because of a nasty custody battle with ex Gabriel Aubry over daughter Nahla.

Halle has claimed that Gabriel is scary and racist, and he’s compared her to Mel Gibson. He even claims to have tapes that reveal that she is as crazy as Mel, but that just can’t be! Say it ain’t so, Halle!

This whole mess is pretty ugly, and we’re with Kim Kardashian in wanting nothing to do with it, so here’s the video for her sexy commercial for her new fragrance Reveal, which is an apt title, given the circumstances.

It’s the perfect fragrance fr the woman who wants to feel uncommonly pretty, and as if the ugly truth of her painful relationship with her child’s father is being played out through the media. You’ll reveal more than you meant to:

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