PHOTO Nicki Minaj reveals Pink Friday perfume bottle

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday fragrance bottle

Nicki Minaj continues her skyrocket rise to pop culture domination by following up reports that she will be one of the judges on Season 12 of American Idol with the first photo of the bottle for her new Pink Friday fragrance! Minaj fans (aka Barbz) will be extremely pleased to know they can soon not only smell like their rappin’, snappin’, take-no-crappin’ heroine, but they also get a little Nicki figurine for their dresser or makeup counter!

The Pink Friday perfume bottle is a bust of Nick Minaj complete with her signature pink locks and namesake necklace, as well as a metallic gold face. (I am assuming the pink wig pops off and you spray yourself from the top of Nicki’s head, as though you are covering yourself in the fine mist of her thoughts. Whoah.)

Nicki shared the image on Twitter this morning and then began retweeting fans’ responses and answering questions. When one fan asked her “What does it smell like?” Nicki responded, “Like angels playing.”

Nicki revealed the Pink Friday fragrance will be available at the end of September and she would be doing a signing in New York and potentially more locations.

No doubt Minaj’s choice of using her own likeness for a perfume bottle is going to change the landscape of celebrity fragrance vessels, something we presaged years ago when we took a stab at what Kim Kardashian’s perfume bottle might look like 🙂