VIDEO Watch Buck 22 and Billy Ray Cyrus’ Achy Breaky 2

Billy Ray Cyrus - Achy Breaky 2 - Twerking Aliens

Billy Ray Cyrus, the man best-known to people of the 21st century as Miley Cyrus’ dad, just collaborated with Buck 22 for a hip-hop version of his 1992 hit. Titled Achy Breaky 2, the new song and video will leave your head feeling that way.

The nonsensical music video began with a breaking news cut-in from Larry King.

“I apologize for bringing your this startling news this evening, but there is some late breaking news that I thought I should make you aware of… It’s been verified that there’s been an unidentified flying object, seen transcending over Europe… I was just seen hovering over Daniel Boone National Forest in Eastern Kentucky…”

The shot then goes to Billy Ray and a kid walking down a rural road, presumably in Kentucky, as a space ship approaches. They are teleported into the ship along with Buck 22, who is R&B legend Dionne Warwick’s son. Greeted by a group of body-painted fem-aliens, the duo begins their song… My favorite line is from Buck 22: “I be next to BRC up on TMZ, got everybody wondering who I am. Miley keeps twerking, daddy’s song is working.”

Billy Ray Cyrus - Achy Breaky 2

Unfortunately, daddy’s song really, really isn’t working. Gawker referred to Achy Breaky 2 as The Worst Song of 2014. Rolling Stone exercised a bit more tact by simply calling it bizarre. The video has three times as many thumbs down votes as thumbs up votes on YouTube.

If you’re a fan, the song is now available on iTunes.

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