PHOTOS Kendra Wilkinson flaunts baby bump in curve-hugging dress

Kendra Wilkinson Baby Bump

In typical fashion, Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson flaunted her curves during Tuesday’s premiere of The Hungover Games. This time, the emphasis was less on her chest and more on her growing baby bump.

Kendra was joined in the red carpet by husband Hank Baskett. They are parents to 4-year-old Hank Baskett Jr. The new baby is a girl.

Kendra Wilkinson - Hank Baskett

“We are people who are going to allow her to be who she wants to be. Unisex is the way to go this time around. We’re going to do something where she is not being pushed to just be one way,” Kendra told OK! in December. “No dolls! Never. I never played with dolls. I don’t understand why baby girls play with baby dolls. Why? Are we setting them up to have a baby?”

Kendra Wilkinson - Pregnant

Although she doesn’t want to impose female-gendered toys on her baby girl, Kendra previously said she wouldn’t mind her daughter posing for Playboy.

“If she was the person that I was doing Playboy, I would 100 percent say OK,” Kendra said in September. “If she is in a bad mental place [and has] a bad head on her shoulders and doing it under bad conditions, that’s different.”

Kendra is reportedly due at the end of April.

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