PHOTOS Burbank teacher Amy Victoria Beck confesses to sex with a student

Amy Victoria Beck

33-year-old Amy Beck surprised officers at Burbank Police headquarters when she walked in Monday and confessed to having sex with one of her middle school students.

Beck is a 6th-grade English and social sciences teacher at David Starr Jordan Middle School and the student she says she was involved with was 14 years old at the time. Police tracked down the boy, now 15 and in high school, and he reportedly confirmed what Beck told police.

According to Amy Beck, who had an attorney present during her confession, the affair started in March of 2009 and continued until last December.

Amy Beck

She was arrested on suspicion of unlawful sex and oral copulation with a person under 16 and is currently being held in a Burbank Jail after refusing to post the $175,000 bail for fear of the media attention. Beck is scheduled for arraignment March 25 and faces up to 7 years in prison if convicted of the five counts of engaging in sex acts with a person under 16 she has been charged with.

Amy Victoria Beck is a mother of three married to Los Angeles Policeman Nathan M. Beck. She abruptly resigned from her teaching position at David Starr Jordan Middle School Friday, telling school officials she was leaving town.

Sgt. Robert Quesada of the Burbank Police Department commented on the oddity of the case, saying “”Burglars, robbers, criminal suspects, they don’t turn themselves in. But when people are overwhelmed with guilt, and they have a conscience, I guess it makes them do what’s right.”

I scoured the internet and amazingly this seemingly attractive teacher, wife and mother of three has a grand sum total of two photographs on the web. If any more surface, please let us know via comment or email and I will add them to the post. I did scrounge up an image of her home in Burbank though!

Home of Burbank teacher Amy Beck who confessed to sex with a student

I did manage to find the original photograph that the top image of Amy was taken from. It originally appeared in an article on the Burbank Leader website about David Starr Jordan Middle School’s Greek Festival, “where sixth-graders traded in their usual garb for togas and laurels, played games and lunched on Mediterranean dishes.” (That would explain the togas!) I cropped it a little on the sides so I wouldn’t have to make it smaller to fit in the post:

Amy Beck of Burbank wears a toga

Here are a couple video reports from California television stations:


I’m not one to make light of this situation, but comedian Zach Galifianakis is! And he did just that with a similar case during his monologue on Saturday Night Live last week: (CLICK HERE to see the video)

“I was reading on today before the show you know that kid that had sex with his high school teacher about a year ago? I read online today that that kid died today. He died of high fiving. He was in a high fiving accident!”