VIDEO U.S.A. and China go to war, on basketball court

Georgetown University’s men’s basketball team is on a goodwill mission to China but that good will turned into a flat-out bench clearing brawl as things went crazy during an exhibition game with the professional Chinese basketball team Bayi Rockets.

During the 4th quarter in a game where tensions were reportedly high, players got after it for a loose ball and things just digressed from there. Punches were thrown and so were chairs in the East vs. West basketball battle royale.

Are you ready to internationally rumble!?!

A rep for Georgetown’s program said that no GU players were hurt in the melée. This representative didn’t confirm the same for the Chinese side if you know what I’m sayin’. At least this will not spill over into any kind of international political problem. I mean it’s not like Georgetown is the renowned University from our nation’s capital. Oh crap!