VIDEO Air New Zealand’s safety tape features Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition models

Chrissy Teigen, Hannah Davis, Ariel Meredith and Jessica Gomes - Safety in Paradise

Air New Zealand released “the world’s most beautiful safety video” this week — and I doubt many will argue. (Not just because there’s no competition in the “sexy airline safety video” department.)

The 4:11 video features models Ariel Meredith, Chrissy Teigen, Hannah Davis, Jessica Gomes and (in a cameo appearance) Christie Brinkley. Its release coincides with the 50th Annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

“This is ‘money can’t buy’ global attention focused on a key destination and our airline,” said Jodi Williams, head of Air New Zealand’s global development.

Christie Brinkley said she enjoyed participating because of the amusing scenes that include, among other things, comedic demonstrations of how to brace of a rough landing and how to check an oxygen mask.

“I loved the playful script that contains a lot of unexpected moments for a safety video,” Christie said.

Although ladies go through the standard spiel about putting chairs in their upright positions, listening to flight attendants, etc., Air New Zealand’s safety video is obviously far from normal… I’ve never heard “all illuminated signs” sound so seductive!

As these thing soften go, reactions to the video have been mixed. Some calling it genius and others deeming it sexist.

“It seems that suddenly they are saying that my sexuality is all that matters about me,” Massey University lecturer Deborah Russell told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Safety in Paradise - Air New Zealand

Other critics say they aren’t offended by the overt sexuality — just by the fact that Air New Zealand really didn’t try that hard with the video concept. Previous safety videos from the company included creative clips Safety Old School Style with Betty White, The Bear Essential of Safety with Bear Grylls and Mile High Madness with Richard Simmons.

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