Wanna be Draperrolled? Mad Men cast sing Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up

Mad Men Never Gonna Give You Up Don Draper Rick Astley mash up

In honor of Mad Men‘s impressive, but not surprising, pile of 17 Emmy nominations, take a look at this fabulous video of Rick Astley’s musical masterpiece “Never Gonna Give You Up” made up entirely of dialogue from the show!

Yes, you can now Draperroll your friends!

The video was produced for Richard Sandling’s Perfect Movie, which is a monthly stand-up comedy show about movies at the Leicester Square Theater in London.

Although this little masterpiece of editing leaves me close to speechless, I’d like to try to say two things in reaction: (1) Never gonna give you up, Don Draper. Love you. Mean it. And (2) Never going to go to London without looking for a ticket to Richard Sandling’s Perfect Movie. I swear!

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