Celebs encourage voting with “10 Minutes” Funny or Die shorts

HOLLYWOOD - JULY 19: Actress Alyssa Milano accepts the Twitter Award onstage at the 2010 VH1 Do Something! Awards held at the Hollywood Palladium on July 19, 2010 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Michael Caulfield/Getty Images for VH1)

Funny or Die, the popular comedy video site created by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, has rolled out a video called “10 Minutes” to help encourage younger voters to get out and cast their ballots during the upcoming mid-term elections. 

In this clip celebrities including Alyssa Milano (seen above) Aziz Ansir, and Ron Livingston set forth the argument that it takes about ten minutes to vote and then go about providing a list of other less pleasant pop culture tasks that take longer.  Some of these tasks that run past ten minutes include searching for Charlie Sheen hooker scandal updates, standing in line at the post office with a heavy box and giving your dog your car keys to later look for them in the puppy’s poo.

Here is the clip posted by Funny or Die for the “Ten Minutes” get out the vote campaign:

According to The New York Post each of the celebrities seen in the montage above have made their own individual videos which have yet to be posted.   These shorts were filmed by in vogue Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer. 

Funny or Die usually provides a meter that allows viewers to vote if the video in question was funny or not so I’ll ask you; Do you think “Ten Minutes” will motivate Funny or Die’s audience to get out and vote?

Top Photo: Michael Caulfield/Getty Images