VIDEO The Black Swan and Showgirls trailer mash up

The Black Swan and Showgirls mixed together

Chalk this one up to glorious inevitability! It’s the audio from The Black Swan movie trailer with video from Showgirls, the kitschy cult classic jiggle flick from 1995 starring Elizabeth Berkley, Kyle MacLachlan and Gina Gershon as Las Vegas showgirls. I guess it could be called The Black Swangirls.”

(WARNING – The video has more than 30 seconds of unedited video from the movie Showgirls so of course there are nekkid breasteses throughout)

It’s actually kind of shocking how well these mash up! I’ve come up with a mirthematical equation that demonstrates just how close these two movies really are:

Showgirls – Las Vegas + ballet – Elizabeth Berkley + Natalie Portman – gratuitous boobies + good dialogue – Desperate Housewives guy + That ’70s Show chick – hot lesbian scene + hot lesbian scene = The Black Swan