VIDEO St. Arcasm and Uncle O’Grimacey wish you a happy St. Patrick’s Day!

McDonaldland's official St. Patrick's Day spokesthing Uncle O'Grimacery

Starcasm and McDonaldland’s 70’s spokes-thingy Uncle O’Grimacey would like to wish all our readers a happy St. Patrick’s Day!

According to Wikipedia:

He was created in 1977 and even appeared in 1986 for an advertising narrative of McDonald’s both in celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day and to mark the annual appearance of the Shamrock Shake. O’Grimacey is the Irish uncle of the character Grimace and is a variant of the Grimace-design in that he is green instead of purple, sports a frock coat covered with several four-leaf clovers, and carries a shillelagh. His design motif is not unlike that of a stereotypical depiction of the Irish folkloric leprechaun. O’Grimacey resides in his home country for eleven months of the year and visits his nephew Grimace in March, bringing with him his “incredibly delicious” shake. Uncle O’Grimacey is no longer used by the chain for its promotions of the shake.

Have fun and keep it safe out there!