PHOTO Jessica Simpson shows off her post-baby bubbies

Jessica Simpson shows off her breasts post-pregnancy while taking Maxwell Drew for a stroll

Jessica Simpson recently signed on as a spokesperson for Weight Watchers and is currently trying to shed the forty-plus pounds she gained while pregnant with her daughter Maxwell Drew. She has been spotted at the gym often over the last couple weeks, and Friday went for a power walk with her daughter in a stroller wearing a low-cut black top that seems to reveal where a large part of her weight gain occurred.

Jessica shared the photo above along with the tweet, “Just taking a walk around the block… Street legal???”

I’m guessing her “Street legal???” question is in reference to her enormously gigantic pair of sunglasses. Personally, I really like huge sunglasses, and I think they are completely street legal.

*** Most guys won’t know what I’m talking about with the eyewear reference because they probably didn’t even notice Jessica was wearing sunglasses. To explain, I ran the photo through my “dude view” filter on Photoshop:

How men see Jessica Simpson

Tsk, tsk. Dudes.

By the way, if we have and pedometer experts out there, can you tell us if this is a good placement choice. I’ve been studying it for about 20 minutes now and I can’t decide.