Did Hailey Glassman slice up Jon Gosselin’s apartment as part of a revenge plot?

Someone broke into Jon Gosselin’s New York City apartment, taking a bunch of crap and slicing up “shoes, shirts, luggage, bed, curtain, rugs and other furnishings” with a knife before spearing a note to Jon on his dresser referring to him as a “cheater” and signed with Hailey Glassman’s name. Police have interviewed Hailey (Jon’s former girlfriend) but the general consensus is that she was framed by someone else.

I disagree! I think it actually was Hailey Glassman and this is just the first step in a sinister series of events that could possibly end with Jon Gosselin’s heart exploding!

Hailey Glassman in Kill Jon directed by Kate Gosselintino

See what I mean?!?

We bumped into Jon at a local body shop where they were just finishing the custom paint job on his new pickup truck, but the reality star had “no comment.” Here’s Jon and his sweet new ride:

Jon Gosselin in a scene from Kill Jon starring Hailey Glassman

The whole apartment slicing bit was pretty exciting, but from what our sources are telling us, part two is gonna be even better!

Stay tuned!

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