VIDEO Sssssexy Salma Hayek sees a snake on ‘Extra’

Salma Hayek scared of a snake on Extra

Salma Hayek, Maria Bello and Maya Rudolph were on Extra to promote their new movie Grown Ups when an uninvited legless guest crashed the party!

Poor Sssssalma ssssseemed genuinely freaked out! She actually screams a number of times and somehow manages to balance on the edge of a director’s chair in stiletto heels. She should be very thankful Maya wasn’t as skittish and stayed seated or Salma would have either plummeted onto the deck with the predator or over the railing and into what was probably alligator-infested waters!

“It was like a python. It was thick. Its head was like this like a cobra!” Bello excitedly explained after the incident.

Not surprisingly, Salma didn’t stick around for the post-interview. “She split. She’s on the next plane,” Rudolph said. “She’s in the hospital,” Bello laughed.

Extra TV assures us that the serpent was “a harmless but rather large snake.” I’m assuming Salma doesn’t believe there is such a thing.