VIDEO – Snooki is a cartwheelin’ Wrestlingmaniac!

Jersey Shore's Snooki at Wrestlemania

Being shameless has helped our favorite Jersey Shore personality Snooki achieve dizzying levels of fame and success for doing little else but being shameless. Even after the Jersey Shore glittery spray tan fades (and the zeitgeist seems to suggest it already has,) Snooki will find a way to survive in luxury with nothing but her hair poof, orange glow, and cartwheeling skills.

Case in point: the former Cheerleader put some (sort-of elegant) choreographed hurtin’ on WWE diva Michelle McCool last night at WWE WrestleManie XXVII. She cartwheeled across the mat into a body slam into Michelle, who then lay on the ground (as rehearsed) and waited for Snooks to flip into a belly slam, a move that was admittedly amazing to watch.

No matter what happens to Snooki, she will find a way. The girl has chutzpah, je ne sais quoi,, and a dash of actual skill.

Guyism posted a video of Snooki snookering Michelle McCool. Embed below: