VIDEO SNL’s The Rosé Zone should exist in real life

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Last night’s SNL featured a show that should exist in real life: The Rosé Zone. Like the sports Channel The Red Zone, the Rosé Zone features only the best highlights from reality TV because “Let’s face it, in an hour of reality television, there’s only about three minutes worth watching.”

The Soup provides a bit of that, but it might be nice to have a longer show with more of the most intense clips from the far-flung and vast landscape of reality television. A girl’s got to have a dream.

Some of the best lines from the spoof.

“I mean sometimes they’ll like throw charity events, or spend time with their kids, and I’m just like ‘F**k that sh!t.”

“None of the tedious recaps, none of the ‘Let’s make up and be friends again’ lunches, just hot garbage 24/7.”

“I don’t care about their back stories, I want to see women destroy other women.”

“Cause life’s short and I shouldn’t have to watch Rob Kardashian talk about his sock line.”

SNL also brought us a morning show called “Waking Up With Kimye” which sums up Kimye to perfection:

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