Robert De Niro making funny faces for soft-core ‘Sam’s Song’

Robert De Niro in "Line of Fire"

Robert De Niro’s second movie role was in the 1969 soft-core film called “Sam’s Song.” In a recent article posted in the Toronto Sun the legendary actor was reflective about the role that helped launch his career. Here’s what he had to say:

“It was all, you know, the highest artful intentions, but somehow the company turned it into a soft-porno kind of thing. (It was) one scene. I was young. I did the movie… it was fine, and I enjoyed doing it.”

The film was directed by Sam Nicoletti and also goes by the title “Line of Fire.”

According to IMDB there are two interesting pieces of trivia about the film. De Niro was angered that Cannon Films took his previously shot footage and inserted it into an entirely new movie – legal action was almost taken and the film was never completed because the filmmakers ran out of money.

It may not have been completed but I was able to find an 1:26 length video of what eventually became the film that YouTube user OJCtv was kind enough to upload. This is an edited version that is SFW:

In doing my due diligence and reviewing parts of the clip I came across a hilarious scene of the mustached young De Niro making funny faces for a sexy young blond whom he had just bedded. I pulled the images and upon further review created one of the very best De Niro galleries in existence in spite of the poor quality and poor facial hair.

Here it is for your enjoyment. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Robert De Niro and his soup strainer making funny faces for “Sam’s Song.” Please feel free to click on any of the thumbnails to view the full screen image.  WTF(ockers)!?!

I think that “Funny Face De Niro” might just overtake “Sad Keanu” as the new viral image trend on the interwebs!