VIDEO Shakira gets finger jacked during a performance in Mexico?

Let this be a warning to superstar performers with bling fingers; If you’re ever performing in Monterrey, Mexico be careful when its time to shake hands with the adoring audience!

It is not so amazing that this happened, I can’t imagine what some performers have endured at the hands of groping audiences but what is INCREDIBLE is how well this was caught on tape and Shakira’s sudden surprise.  Check it out:

What a professional.  Shakira totally realizes she got finger jacked (that sounds dirty) but went right on belting out her ballad anyways.  But then again the clip cuts off pretty quick and it looks like the sour faced security dude behind hips don’t lie saw what happened too.  Perhaps what we didn’t get to see was the real action!?!

UPDATE: It turns out that the fan didn’t actually take a ring from Shakira, although she checked to see if anything was missing. Her publicist, Joseph Carozza, told TMZ “There is no truth to this report (that Shakira was robbed). A fan grabbed her hand and she looked down. Her ring is still visible on her hand as she continued to walk through the crowd.”

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