VIDEO Sesame Street True Blood parody ‘True Mud’

True Mud from Sesame Street

The creative team behind the beloved children’s show Sesame Street must be trying to hone in on the much-coveted 18-49 year old demographic because they are following up their “racy” Katy Perry berries “Hot and Cold” Elmo duet with their take on True Blood!

That’s right, the notoriously violent and sexually charged vampire series is getting the Sesame Street treatment in the form of “True Mud” in which the little muppets recreate Bill’s bar entrance and Sookie waiting on him.

Are kids really supposed to understand what this is about? Wouldn’t Twilight have been a better choice? And the most important question of all: Where is The Count?!?

I don’t even think they handled the Sesame Street/True Blood mash up very well anyway. True Mud? Grouchers? No, no ,no ,no ,no! Can anyone say “Sookie Monster?” Can’t you hear Count Von Count singing, “S is for Sookie, that’s good enough for me. Ah-ah-ah-ah!”