Is Brad Womack going to be The Bachelor again?

Brad Womack

According to multiple sources it looks like Brad Womack will return as The Bachelor for ABC’s popular reality dating show.

Womack is a legend among Bachelor fans by making the unprecedented move of not choosing a final lady to be his.  This choice to leave bachelorettes DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft hanging and heartbroken angered many of the show’s viewers.  Womack stated that he practically had to go into hiding after the infamous final episode of Season 11 in 2007.

If it is indeed his second go at finding reality true love the hunky abtastic bar owner from Austin, TX will be surrounded with an entirely new batch of ladies to pick and choose from.  Us Weekly’s source is stating that this time around Brad knows he has to open up more but that he really does believe in the show.  But the real deal source here is RealitySteve who is confirming 100% that Womack will be the first recycled Bachelor.

For those of you who weren’t on board with The Bachelor franchise during Season 11 or just want to be reminded of the Womack whack attack here is Brad explaining to a live audience his decision to not choose a final woman.  It’s an interesting clip actually, providing insight into why someone would appear on the show and their motivations behind their choices.

The official announcement will be made Monday night during ABC’s airing of Dancing With the Stars.