Duck Tape’s 2009 Duct Tape Stuck at Prom Scholarship Top Ten Finalists plus Starcasm Favorites


Teens across the nation have given up literally hundreds of hours of precious study time to vie for the world’s most fashionable scholarship: Duck Tape’s Duct Tape Stuck at Prom competition! It turns out that Duck tape comes in a vast array of fancy colors, from fuchsia to camo, and is an extremely versatile garment material.

The $3000 scholarship prize along with dreams of fame and glamor have inspired many creatively frustrated teens to turn out fanciful outfits that top most of the garments on all seasons of Project Runway. They no doubt also top whatever the contestants on The Fashion Show have managed to churn out, but there’s no way of knowing because no one’s ever seen that program.

The kids that entered this contest should put their sweaty duct-tape masterpieces on ebay. Scholarship-schmolarship, these teens can become entrepreneurs and retire before they hit 20.

Teens from all demographics including but not limited to: geeks, retro-hipsters, vampires, goths, anachronisms, sl**ty-chic, sl**ty-cheap, and awkward-wallflowers are represented in the gallery of 2009 entries found at The Stuck at Prom competition is currently in it’s 9th year and has increasingly grown in popularity since it’s inception in 2000. I’m sure back then the 2 students who entered the contest didn’t have the ingenuity of the contestants today and lost quite a bit of body hair and friends when they showed up to prom looking like silver mummies. Plus, they probably didn’t have camo tape back then, so why even bother.

Click here to view and vote on 10 top contestants. These kids worked really hard, so vote now. Polls close July 2, and winners will be announced July 9.

Below is a gallery of starcasm’s favorites that didn’t make the cut: