VIDEO Priest stops wedding ceremony to chastise photographers

Viral Video Priest Rant

A couple’s wedding day is supposed to be the happiest of their lives. But one power-high priest managed to take the occasion from joyful to awkward in five seconds flat.

“Please, sirs, leave,” the wedding officiant told the designated photographer and videographer. “This is a solemn assembly, not a photography session.”

In the background, the couple’s expressions reveal they are as shocked as anyone else…

“I will stop the ceremony if you do not get out of the way,” the priest continued. “This is not about the photography. This is about God.”

The awkward video was submitted to The Knot by the videographer. [UPDATE: The original post on The Knot has since been removed.] Even though the wedding website regularly receives horror stories, they admitted this one “ranks toward the top.”

“Make sure you’re on the same page with your officiant before the ceremony starts,” one Knot wedding writer advised.”

Considering a few viral videos were recently revealed as frauds, there will likely be skepticism about this one. However, all signs indicate it’s genuine… For that reason, we feel really sorry for the bride and groom!

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