VIDEO Inevitable streaking of a weather reporter during Hurricane Irene

The Weather Channel's Eric Fisher is streaked during Hurricane Irene

Dedicated weather reporter Eric Fisher for The Weather Channel was working Virginia Beach while the force of Hurricane Irene bared down on him. He bravely fought off the elements and more than that as a rambunctious young man did an inevitable live weather report streaking and the clip is now taking on a pantsless life of its own.

There are additional ingredients that make this clip viral worthy other than the standard streaking of a weather dude. Mainly it’s the fact that the topic being discussed is how shocked the goggle wearing Fisher was that people were outside goofing around instead of seeking shelter. His tone is very serious and this only augments the irony of the drive-by peen.

Here’s the clip and needless to say it includes some non-cubicle approved images. It may also boink you because of a YouTube age restriction so you might have to sign in but it’s worth it:

“To be honest I’m pretty much speechless, it’s just setting a bad example.”

Irene wreaked a ton of havoc as it made its way up the eastern seaboard of the United States. Truth be told, Mr. Fisher was right in his assessment about the folks parading around needing to be safe as many lives were lost due to the storm but as it stands this clip will now live on for a long, long time.

A follower tweeted to Eric, “Man, good work this weekend. Terrible that those fools flashed/jacked-around in your live shot.” To which he responded:

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