VIDEO Political ads make little girl cry, we approve her message

Abigael Evans made to cry by Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney

I just so happen to live in what the pundits call a “swing state.” Does this mean me and the lady have fun with the couple next door? Nope. It means that we endlessly get bombarded with election ads for those two dudes running for president.

When I need a break from all the mind-numbing commercials I take a stroll out to my mailbox and it’s stuffed with fliars for more of the same. You just can’t win and it could drive a person to tears…

Actually all of this, “Me. No, Me!,” shenanigans has made one little girl cry and her mother decided to upload her sorrow to YouTube so that we all might know we’re not alone from all of these approved messages. Her name is Abigael Evans and she is sick and tired of all of this Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney chatter.

It’s gonna be okay Abby. Soon this will be over and then you can get back to uninterrupted Bubble Guppies and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. That is, until the candidates start pushing for 2016 (sigh).

It was an NPR piece (which Romney would look to end) that sent the 4-year-old over the edge from voter fatigue. Since then, the publicly funded radio network has apologized.

“On behalf of NPR and all other news outlets, we apologize to Abigael and all the many others who probably feel like her. We must confess, the campaign’s gone on long enough for us, too. Let’s just keep telling ourselves: “Only a few more days, only a few more days, only a few more days.”

Nice gesture, but it probably would have meant more to Abby coming from Big Bird.